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TDK Life On Record: Wireless Speaker




Luke L


$6,001 - 10,000


6 Weeks

About this Project

TDK was looking to create a series of videos that highlighted four separate products, combining live action stock footage with realistic animation to demonstrate the fun their customers would have with their product as well as the various features each unit had.  

TDK also needed additional versions of each video, with on-screen text translated into different languages, allowing for an international media campaign.

Product samples & CAD files were sent to Luke, who used them as vital reference for recreating the products realistically in his 3D software.

The design of the videos had to be tailored in such a fashion to accommodate the multilingual text changes; taking into account that certain statements could be longer or shorter in different languages, with visual emphasis placed on different words and in different parts of the sentence.  

These needs laid the foundation for each shot, and helped to shape the overall flow of the video.

Project Budget

$6,001 - 10,000

Budget Factors

Ultimately, TDK created 3 separate product videos and multiple versions of each of those videos in different languages. By providing the creative with CAD drawings, they were able to trim the 3D modeling costs and produce high-end videos that really showed off their wireless speakers.