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RewardJet Explainer Video


Individual Digital


Priscilla G.


$3,001 - 6,000


10 Weeks

About this Project

RewardJet wanted to target small businesses and organizations with a tightly crafted message explaining their value proposition.  


Priscilla and the client put a lot of love into the script, and it took a while to get right. After that, the look-and-feel, storyboarding and animation proceeded quickly. The final video is a 2D character animation. To create a light-hearted feel, some engaging visuals were scripted in, like a rollercoaster and an airplane dropping the client’s perks and savings.

Project Budget

$3,001 - 6,000

Budget Factors

The tightly crafted message allowed this video to stay at 60-seconds and as a result was very budget friendly.