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Priscilla G.


$3,001 - 6,000


6 Weeks

About this Project

PoolSpark is a simple and fun money pooling service for friends that brings the world’s oldest savings mechanism to life online. It goes by many names — susu, panda, cundina, committee, stokvel and more — but it’s ultimately a P2P (peer-to-peer) rotating savings service meant to help families and friends supercharge their savings.

PoolSpark needed an explainer video for their product launch. The goal was to communicate how money pooling works and the history behind it. The overall style had to be simple, fun and unique. Most of all, it had to reflect a community working together toward a goal, whether that goal was for an unexpected expense or a lavish vacation.

Project Budget

$3,001 - 6,000

Budget Factors

PoolSpark chose to work with Priscilla because her portfolio videos for other clients were memorable and of high quality. The client testimonials and responsiveness during the proposal selection process were factors as well. With all of these factors going into their decision, PoolSpark realized that working with Priscilla would be a good fit. PoolSpark actually increased their budget a little to accommodate for the quality they were trying to achieve. By making a short, punchy video there was more budget to invest into the creative; styling and character development.