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Peanut King




Priscilla G


$10,001 - 40,000


30 Weeks

About this Project

Peanut King wanted to create a unique storytelling video for their brand. Their company is the largest peanut handler in the world and they wanted a feel-good video to highlight their exacting quality standards.


Priscilla and the team were excited to make something special and presented various concepts. These ideas covered a range of execution options and script ideas. The idea selected by the client was a father-and-son story about how the young man initially rejects his father’s world but comes to understand the true meaning of quality. This called for a complicated animation in 3D and was a mammoth task involving many months of continuous work (over 800 hours of animation).


The rendering alone took over 725 hours of machine-time, and was spread across a bank of 5 computers.

Project Budget

$10,001 - 40,000

Budget Factors

This video was a very time-consuming project to complete. Its long story format incorporated a number of different 3D environments and 3D characters.