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Lucas L


$1,000 - 3,000


12 weeks

About this Project

LotusCatheter needed a streamlined video to introduce their new catheter design. This product video capitalized on 3D animation’s ability to give a life-like 360-degree view of a physical product.

Originally, this video was planned to be 90-seconds or less, but it was important to establish the flaws in existing catheters. The video is targeted towards hospital administrators and purchasing departments, so clearly outlining the risk reduction and cost reductions possible through the LotusCath was an additional priority for the video.

Lucas built out a model of the LotusCath as well as a traditional foley catheter while creating this video. This product introduction video wasn’t as sleek and sexy as most 3D animations are, however, it’s impact is great.

Project Budget

$1,000 - 3,000

Budget Factors

Working with a 3D specialist and having models created was the biggest budget factor for this project. The 3D models for LotusCath had to be created from scratch, and also be animatable in a true-to-life fashion.