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Identify 3D


Identify 3D


Luke L


$3,001 - 6,000


6 Weeks

About this Project

Tim was tired of using a lengthy and complicated power point presentation to explain his company’s service offerings. He needed a quick video that touched on key pain points his clients faced while remaining positive and optimistic throughout – demonstrating how their service offerings provided the solution.

Luke worked with the Identify3D team to develop a script that did all of this in a very short amount of time, ensuring that Tim’s busy clients wouldn’t get bored and turn off the video mid-stream.

A great voice artist was brought on-board to narrate, and small scenes were created to help to visually explain what was being spoken of.

Very quick feedback from the Identify3D team allowed Luke to make great progress in a short amount of time & complete the deliverables on schedule.

Project Budget

$3,001 - 6,000

Budget Factors

Maintaining a simple color palette for this video allowed Luke to focus on the 3D modeling and animations. The condensed sales message allowed Identify3D to convey their products main benefits while keeping the animation budget friendly (now that’s a win-win).