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Dentist Secure Explainer Video


Dentist Secure


Priscilla G.


$3,001 - 6,000


6 Weeks

About this Project

DentistSecure came to Video Brewery looking for a professional, engaging video that wasn’t too stuffy or corporate. Their company provides insurance products to dentists as well as risk management training.  


The client Cary is a larger-than-life, fun loving person and Priscilla was pleased to be working with him. Scripting and styling proceeded quickly. The look was created in line with the client’s clean, minimal brand identity. At the same time a friendly, approachable touch was added through the use of the characters in the video. One of the characters was actually modeled on Cary himself.

Project Budget

$3,001 - 6,000

Budget Factors

This video was a fairly straightforward 60-second 2D animation. As a result, it came in on the lower end of this budget range.