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Vast Communications


Priscilla G


$6,001 - 10,000


7 Weeks

About this Project

ConferenceCalling came to Video Brewery looking for a video to introduce their brand to a wider audience. The video needed to show why their service is better than competitor’s and close with a standout call-to-action.  

The project was started and Priscilla proposed making a confident, bold video to take things well out of the stock-footage zone. The goal was to have slick animated elements to complement and blend in with the office backgrounds shown in the footage. The video also featured screencast software footage on a 3D computer mockup.  

Project Budget

$6,001 - 10,000

Budget Factors

This high-end style of video used a lot of stock footage to create. In addition, Priscilla’s team used a 3D animation for the screencast components.