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Animal Charity Evaluators


Animal Charity Evaluators


Lucas L


$1,000 - 3,000


22 weeks

About this Project

Animal Charity Evaluators wanted a 1 – 2 minute explainer video to feature on their homepage. They needed an easier way to describe how they help individuals maximize their volunteer time and money in support of animal-related causes.

The main goal of the Animal Charity Evaluators project was to provide an overview of the organization and to raise awareness of their cause. As a non-profit, it was important to have an engaging video that could concisely share their message, but do so on a budget.

We love the hand-drawn feel that Lucas achieves with the animal icons, the simple color palette, and the subtle sound design that highlights key moments. Less is more with this video, letting Animal Charity Evaluator’s mission stand out.

Project Budget

$1,000 - 3,000

Budget Factors

This client was able to get a lower rate than is normally charged because they found a creative who is passionate about their cause. In addition, the design was intentionally kept very simple. As a result, time could be devoted to clever animation moments while keeping the total video creation process simpler.