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Priscilla G.


$3,001 - 6,000


6 Weeks

About this Project

Accelo was re-branding their company after 4 years in the market and wanted a video to reflect this new identity. As a successful company, they wanted to re-position their branding as being globally-significant and modern.  


Accelo is a software service to help streamline the operations of professional service businesses. This allows people who work in these companies to spend more time doing the work they love (with clients).


Priscilla worked closely with the client. The goal with the styling and tone of voice was to be personal & passionate, but at the same time not too cartoony or frivolous. Work proceeded on styling and after a few edits, the team went straight into animation for a timely delivery.

Project Budget

$3,001 - 6,000

Budget Factors

This 120-second video stayed very budget friendly, by keeping the animation simple.