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5 Virtual Training Videos




Priscilla G.


$10,001 - 40,000


8 Weeks

About this Project

Maycoach wanted to create videos to explain leadership training concepts. The videos needed to be fun and engaging.  

The biggest challenge was the tight deadline of 8 weeks to create 5 videos. It was an all-hands-on-deck with Priscilla’s team working around the clock and weekends to deliver. The key to success was the client providing same-day feedback and the fact that they knew exactly what they wanted.  

The videos have a pop-art feel and to meet the brief some interesting visuals were scripted in, e.g. superheros vs villains, in order to make them fun to watch.

Project Budget

$10,001 - 40,000

Budget Factors

This project required Priscilla’s team to complete 5 videos in 8 weeks. The quantity and timeline were the biggest budget factors. Keeping the animation simple, allowed this to stay relatively inexpensive.