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The Best Creatives to Craft Your Explainer Video

One of the most important keys to crafting any marketing video is hiring the right video producer to make your video. There are hundreds of options (maybe thousands?) to choose from, but Video Brewery has done the research for you. We’ve found the best video producers in any style you can imagine.

Curious about who’s part of the video creative community? Here are just a few of the many creatives who might bid on your project.

Ewelina F

Member since 2016

Owner and founder of a motion design company, over the last 7 years I have had the pleasure of creating a wide range of videos, utilizing my balance of beautiful design and great storytelling.  Also a wife, a mom, a painter.

Jeremy P

Member since 2015
Favorite Project: Formulary Guru

Jeremy created his first animated explainer video in 2010. Jeremy and his team focus only on a handful projects per month to ensure they always deliver premium service and super high-quality video (only the best) for their clients.

Andre O

Member since 2012
Favorite Project: Access Investors Network
Andre is the creative genius and founder of an awesomely creative company that produces kick-ass explainer videos. With his team, they produce awesome explainer videos that enhance their clients’ internet visibility and marketing power.

Caroline K

Member since 2016

Caroline and her team are digital media content production gurus, with experience in producing digital content for startups, Fortune 500 brands and partnering with top digital agencies across the globe

Davina B

Member since 2017
Favorite Project: Could it be yours?

Davina and her husband are a Malta based animation and motion design studio. At Blacksalmon we believe that all businesses have great stories to tell, and when

well-crafted that story can do wonders for a brand.

Lucas L

Member since 2015
Favorite Project: Rubicoin

Lucas Langworthy is a motion designer who lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and kids. He enjoys the challenge of bringing each client’s unique voice to life through animation.

Luke L

Member since 2014
Favorite Project: Identify 3D

Based in the woods of Maine, I work with clients across the globe to create realistic & tactile graphics that demonstrate the functionality of their products & explain how their services work. Whether you’re an established company like Hyperloop One or a small start-up looking to make a splash with vivid imagery – I’ve got you covered.

Priscilla G.

Member since 2012
Favorite Project: Jewish Board of New York
Priscilla is a sucker for nerdy tech videos. And nerdy finance videos. And nerdy pharma videos. You get the picture. She founded where she dedicates her life to making kickass video.


Tim A

Member since 2016
Favorite Project: KOA: April Fools Video

Tim and his team are eager to define every client’s special need and distil it down into an engaging story that touches people’s hearts. We use various visual and animation styles to strengthen client’s brand.

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