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8.5 Great Places to Find Web Video Music

You’ve spent hours refining the script, days getting the video just right, selected the perfect voiceover talent, now the icing on the cake is the music. Music sets the tone for your web video, so you want to make sure you find a good track. Something that gets the proper mood across and sounds professional.

You can find royalty-free music online in many different genres and moods at reasonable prices (usually between $15-100 per track) for your web video. Royalty-free doesn’t mean the music is free, it just means that you can use the music for your projects without needing to pay every time the video is played.

The process to purchase the music online is easy and you can usually download the music instantly. Most sites like Audiosparx allow you to download watermarked music so you can try it before you buy it. And while the majority of sites charge a flat rate per track, some sites like Tunefruit have different pricing structures suited to how you plan on using your video.

Without further ado here are 8.5 great places to find web video music.

1. Tunefruit

With perhaps the cutest looking website and the best sense of humor, Tunefruit prefers to be referred to as a micro licensor as opposed to production music. The checkout is super easy to use and includes five pricing tiers with explainer videos right in the middle. It makes for a fast checkout process regardless of the type of video you do. Each track has a visual representation of the waveforms and you can listen to tracks directly in your search results for quick searches. Once you’ve found one you like, you can get a comp to try out with your video.

2. Premium Beat

Premium Beat handpicks all of its songs and even clears out the catalog when songs don’t sell so everything on the site is the best it can be. An added bonus, you can get some good video tips on their blog.

3. Audiosparx

In the licensing game since 1996 Audiosparx includes a large catalog of music with over a half million tracks on their site. They have a large range of search capabilities and you can even search for sound alike music.

4. Royalty Free Music Library

With the ability to buy individual tracks or CD collections Royalty Free Music Library is easy to use. Most tracks are an easy $99 to license for your web video or you can find songs that are on sale too.

5. Pond5

Pond5 shows waveforms of each of its tracks so you can instantly know if it is a loud powerhouse to match your screaming video, quieter to tell a gentle story or ebbs and flows to match your voice over.

6. Beatsuite

Beatsuite features a host of different length tracks to fit what you need. It’s simple to use their genre searches or you can do advanced searches to really fine tune your results.


Using the model of stock sound effects CDs promotes CD collections with fun eye catching graphics, though you can buy tracks individually too.

8. Audio Jungle

Music marketplace Audio Jungle lets you find music uploaded and priced directly from the artists themselves. The price is generally pretty low and you can join in the community by visiting the online forums where you can interact directly with the composers.

8 ½. Using Popular Music

If you’re looking to use a popular song for your web video, like a pop song you’d hear on the radio, there are more restrictions and the licensing fees can often times be quite costly. If you’re prepared for this the best way to get started is to first find the publisher of the song then reach out to them directly. You will work on a licensing agreement with the publisher based on the amount of traffic your video will get on the web. You can start your search at the Harry Fox Agency where you can find the writers and publishers of many songs and sometimes you can license directly through Harry Fox.

An oftentimes cheaper and faster alternative is to find a sound alike song that is similar in style and tone as the popular song so you’ll evoke the idea without breaking the bank.

This is just a very small sampling of music libraries who provide music for your production. There is a massive amount of royalty free music out there to fit your online video so get your headphones on and start listening.

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