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How to Use Video Marketing to Delight Your Customers

Lifecycle marketing is a three-step process: attract, sell and wow. A lot of video marketing is focused on the attracting and selling parts of lifecycle marketing. But, video can aid every part of your marketing campaign.

Every savvy marketer knows that retaining existing satisfied customers is far more cost effective than constantly chasing new ones – and that a happy customer is a brand’s best spokesperson. By putting that well-known concept into their video marketing campaigns, marketers are seeing that videos that both inform and entertain are delivering big returns.

Just how big is video’s potential impact? The numbers are impressive.

Emails that use the word “video” in the subject line alone boost open rates by nearly 20%, increase click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by over 25%! Websites that include video have, on average, an extra two-minute visitor time on site. Study the numbers and it’s clear why brands should be focusing their marketing efforts on video.
Here are 6 ideas for incorporating video into your customer “wowing” efforts.


One need only look at the rise of selfie-sticks (as of June 2015, 300 million selfies had been posted to Instagram alone) to realize people love to see themselves featured in photos and videos. Use that to your own advantage by asking customers if they’d be willing to sing your brand’s praises on your site.

Not only are video testimonials more engaging and convincing than text-only reviews, your site visitors will stick around longer, which increases the chance they will make a purchase. Testimonials as part of your video marketing strategy provide SEO value, drive more traffic to your site, and provide you with more potential leads.

This technique is a triple-win, offering you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with an existing customer, create a piece of content that your customer will want to share with their network (and share their great experience with your company), and gives new potential customers an easy to digest review from a source that they can connect with.


Everyone loves hearing they’re appreciated and, while thank you postcards and emails do the trick, by their very nature they lack a personal touch. Shooting a thank you video is immediate and warm and can be much more effective than a cookie-cutter printed note.
Another upside? The video can be personalized to include the person’s name and other unique personal data (such as the product they purchased). An article on Hubspot about interesting approaches to video marketing features one respondent who discusses a personalized video campaign that resulted in a 286% increase in customer engagement!

Check out this video that we made to thank our customers and supporters!


Customer support can encompass explaining your brand and products, answering specific customer questions, and how-to videos. Using video to provide online customer service allows you to truly give back to your current customers and ease onboarding for new customers. Some ways you can do this:

  1. Create product onboarding videos to walk new customers through setting up your product. These can also be posted to YouTube to expand your searchable content.
  2. Receive the same question over and over? Record a short video of a member of your support team answering that question.
  3. Make your product easier to understand and use by creating how-to videos. Written instructions don’t come close to what videos can provide; the pause button alone will make this a hit with your customers.


Is your customer support staff available 24/7, 365 days a year? Most small to mid-size businesses cannot support that need or encounter certain holiday periods when their regular support staff isn’t at its usual level.
Our friends at Wistia encounter this customer service issue every year at Christmas. So, they made a video explaining why support requests might take a little bit longer than usual. Putting a face to the response delay allowed them to gain support from customers as opposed to anger at the delay.

Wistia Holiday Service Video


Take your cue from designer Kate Spade’s #MissAdventure product demos and get your customers invested in a fun and upbeat storyline that not only keeps them coming back for more, but inspires them to spread the word. Spade’s videos have logged over two million views and they’re all the more effective because viewers can actually shop the products displayed in the video while they watch.
Are you in the SaaS industry? Video Brewery client Cloud Cruiser created this 30-ish second preview before launching a product update last January. Who wouldn’t get excited after seeing this fun, upbeat video?


People no longer go online, they live online. Round-the-clock video consumption opens the door to utilizing what Google calls micro-moments in your video marketing campaigns. Whether your customers are looking for answers, making decisions or discovering new things, they’re turning to the internet – especially YouTube – for help. To stay relevant and useful to your customers:

  • Identify micro-moments where your brand’s goals and your customers’ goals intersect.
  • Make sure your brand shows up when the audience needs you, be it through organic or paid searches, or shopping ads.
  • Help your audience discover your brand, even when they’re not looking. Go beyond demographic targeting and connect with customers based on their signals of intent.


Companies are going beyond just creating an explainer video now and incorporating video into every part of their lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Video offers create the opportunity to delight your customers at every stage of their purchase, in novel and impactful ways. Capture your potential customers with great stories told through video, deepen their relationships with your company and brand when they’re new customers, and show up when they’re not even looking specifically for you!

Ready to start planning your video project? Here are 6 tips for getting on-track, before you hire a creative.

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