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The Secrets of Scripting

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a 60-second video is worth about 1.8 million words. We know the content of your script is vital (we’ve written about that before), but so is the way it’s put together.
Here are 7 quick tips to streamline your script writing process.
1. Don’t just start with a blank sheet for a new script. Create a scripting template to give yourself a consistent starting point and make sure you hit the ground running every time.
2. Create your script in Google Docs, or other doc collaboration services like Celtx or WriterDuet, that way people can work together in real-time. Once your first draft is written, invite your collaborators to comment and make suggestions. We recommend making comments or suggestions rather than editing the script directly, as a way to manage the revision process without going crazy.
Speaking of collaborators, keep your team to 2 or 3. When inviting your collaborators, we like to suggest the following rule. If you don’t like something or disagree with it, then offer a suggestion for a way to improve the text or concept.
3. If you want to include visuals – create a two-column table with the narration on one side and visual notes on the other. It makes it easier to perform a Word Count that way.
4. It’s okay to add in written pauses or beats….and use italics to emphasize certain ways you think sections of the script should be read.
5. Before sending the script to a VO artist, record a scratch take reading it to yourself. Not only can that be used to direct the talent, but it also forces you to read it aloud and make sure it sounds like it did in your head.
At Video Brewery, we do a group table read to make sure everything flows naturally.
6. Pick a certain number of revisions and hold to that. You don’t want to find yourself rewriting the script for months on end.
7. Once it’s final be sure to download the script as a PDF or lock the doc – so you don’t have any unplanned changes made after it’s finished.
Hopefully, these script production tips can help you focus on creating killer content.

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