Featured Creative Profile: Breadnbeyond

Today’s featured Creative has been a part of the Video Brewery community since the beginning. Two weeks ago, we featured a client they worked with, Access Investor’s Network. Today, you get to learn a little more about Breadnbeyond!

Name: Breadnbeyond

Location: Indonesia

Years Working in Video Industry:
We have been in the creative industry since late 2008, at the time of this article is written, we have been working for 7 years. Wow, I never think about that.

What lead you to video production?
I founded Breadnbeyond as a graphic design studio working on logo designs, stationeries, websites, and some quick flash animation. Flash was still popular back then.

In 2009, there’s a client, Jason, that approached me asking if we can create a kinetic typography video for him. I look at the reference that he showed me, it looks easy enough, so I passed the idea to my team and they are happy to accept the project.

That’s the first time we did an “explainer video”.

It feels funny looking back at that video we produced 7 years ago as it look really .. well, not as good as what we do right now.

Back then, the client is already very happy with that. There’s a lot of change in client’s expectations in 7 years, LOL.

What type of equipment do you use?
We use Adobe Creative Suite, mostly Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to produce animated videos.

How did you become part of the Video Brewery community?
Andrew invited us since VB’s inception. We are very active in communities like VB because we see the value of having a list of people that are in the market and ready to buy.

What’s the best part of creating videos, for you?
Being able to be creative in the animation as well as creating creative content. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to create videos for clients around the world, regardless of their time zone and geographical location.

What is your favorite video?
This video of Nora playing the piano…nah, just joking. A recent favorite is this Zombie-themed video, one of our personal projects.

Here’s a YouTube playlist of our best videos.

How many people are on your team?
We have 28 people in our office right now, and more than 15 scriptwriters and voice actors that we are working with as independent contractors.

Any predictions for the future of video marketing in the future?
There will be more companies using video as content.

Companies that currently produce one or two explainer videos for their website or a particular landing page will see good results (as long as they have good videos). They will start investing on evergreen video content, producing video series that put more emphasis on their domain expertise to gain more trust from their audience.

Established companies in medical, financial and real estate industries will see the value of educational video to gain more trust.

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