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We enjoy sharing all of the wonderful videos our creatives make and promoting our client’s business. Check out this pet video Charlotte recently created for Because Animals.

The unique style and method of storytelling immediately stood out to us. Be sure to check out the complete video at the end of the post.


Client Name: Joshua Errett

Because Animals Logo

What does your company do? We make sustainable, ethical, nutrient-packed pet food!
How long has your company been in operation? 2 years
What prompted you to create this video? To tell the story of why we exist.
What were the most important goals for your video? To tell our story in a fun way, and to underline certain facts – not only the facts in the text-on-video portion but the fact that a cat would never eat a chicken, except when a human feeds it to them.
How many people reviewed your video throughout the production process? 2
Style Frame for the Because Animals Barn, Pre-Party.
Why did you choose this style of video? I wanted something different than the typical explainer video with the 2D or flat design or whiteboard effect.
What factors did you consider when choosing your video professional? Unique style.
What was the easiest part of the production process? Refining the basic concept. We had an idea going in, so when things didn’t look quite right, we spotted that right away.
The hardest? The length – we wanted 30 seconds and ended up at around 50.
Were there things you wished you had known before you started your video? Well, this is our first video, so we would’ve liked more watch metrics etc. But we’ll get those analytics in time.
Are you planning on making additional videos? If yes, please elaborate! Yup! A video for more products that we release. This was only to introduce our company, we want customers to get to know our products one-by-one too.
The Because Animals Barn Party

Thanks, Joshua! And now, some inside info from the creative who worked on this project, Charlotte. 

I started the project by sending Joshua a timeline of my process, which showed when he could expect to see each deliverable. These included style images, storyboards, illustration, music, rigging, animation, and final editing/revisions. I also confirmed that he could expect to receive an update at the end of each week, which would include a full review of what I had accomplished and provide him with a chance to give me revisions. That way, we stayed on the same page throughout the process. Joshua was really responsive to all my email updates and gave me revisions promptly, which I really appreciated and made it easy to stay on schedule. We emailed back and forth to work through these revisions and make sure he got the outcome he imagined.

What was the biggest creative challenge for you on this project?

One challenge we tackled was incorporating text throughout the animation. We has trouble including all the text with space for the viewer to process it. It just flew by too quickly! After a few different edit attempts, we ended up extending the video 10 seconds and using a different font that was easier to read. These changes totally solved the problem and meant that Joshua didn’t have to compromise the text that was supposed to be communicated.

What was the biggest creative win for you on this project?

The biggest win was just how much fun it was to create and animate these sweet barnyard characters. I really enjoyed creating this little world and was so honored that Joshua trusted me to create something fun to represent his company. It was a fantastic first animation experience with Video Brewery. I hope to work with Joshua again some day!

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