Featured Explainer Video: Stridepoint

Throughout 2016 we are featuring some of our clients and creatives work from 2015. Today, we’re featuring Stridepoint’s explainer video and an interview with Todd Snapp, the Owner of Stridepoint.

Why did you make this video?

We wanted to capture our brand and core business and be able to present the video to prospects as an “elevator speech.” We were beginning an advertising campaign and wanted to have an introductory video on our landing pages.

Was this your first time making a video?


Did you consider other video styles? If yes, why did you pick the style you did?

Yes, we considered many other video styles; in particular, we considered going fully animated but decided to use a hybrid of animation and video to fit our budget.

[Editor’s Note: Todd’s video features 2D and 3D animations mixed with stock live action footage. The mix of live action and 3D animation created a very modern video at a budget-friendly price.]

How have you used the video?

Primarily this video is on our website and landing pages but we also send links to this video to sales prospects for our services.

Do you consider your first video marketing project a success? If yes, can you elaborate on why it is successful? If no, what would you have done differently?

Yes, this video definitely improved our conversions on outbound marketing and has given us credibility in some of our business partnerships.

How do you measure your video’s impact?

We consider this video’s success to be an improved awareness of our services and more clarity about our offerings in the market. When our customer gets a grasp of our culture and offerings earlier in the sales cycle, this is a huge benefit to us.

What did you learn throughout the video creation process?

We learned that it is very important to partner with a video company that is strong in script writing and storyboarding. The collaboration with the video production company helped us make this video much better than it would have been otherwise.

Do you have plans for creating more videos in the future?

Yes. We’re currently working on ideas for videos for use in sales and training.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently?

We were very pleased with the process and with our video production company and we do not have any regrets about how the video was developed or the people with whom we worked.

Nice work Todd! Stridepoint makes employee training courses.

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