Featured Animation: Reflik


We enjoy seeing all of the fabulous animation videos created on Video Brewery and celebrating the creative businesses we get to work with. Check out this video Jeremy and his team created for Reflik, a talent acquisition solution.

This streamlined, 2D animation uses clean language, well-timed sound cues, and social proof to explain to companies why they should use Relik to fill their next vacancies. Congrats team!

Client Name: Hersh Tilva
What does your company do?
Reflik is a recruitment crowdsourcing platform.

Reflik’s technology, team, and the vast community of independent recruiters and staffing agencies connect companies with today’s top talent without any of the administrative burdens.
How long has your company been in operation?

3 years

What prompted you to create this video?

I wanted an effective and a simple tool to communicate Reflik’s value proposition to companies looking to recruit and hire top employees quickly and efficiently.

What were the most important goals for the video?

Simple, short, effective, high-quality video that tells the viewers that Reflik is an enterprise-class talent acquisition solution.  

How many people reviewed your video throughout the production process?

In total, 5 members of my team provided their inputs during the production process.

Why did you choose this style of video?

This style was better suited for B2B service.

What factors did you consider when choosing your video professional?

Overall quality of work. I evaluated portfolios very closely. Demonstrated cost-effectiveness. Reliable – look at previous clients’ projects.

What was the easiest part of the production process?

Having our suggestions and changes implemented. Furthermore, timely responses and revisions.

The hardest?

Editing and writing the script.

Were there things you wished you had known before starting your video project? 

I had done ample research before kicking off the project. As a result, it paid off.

[Editor’s Note: Still in the research phase? Check out these posts on scriptwriting and the production process to get started!]

Are you planning on making additional videos? If yes, please elaborate!

Yes, I am currently working with Jeremy to make a second video.

And now for the big reveal!

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