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Video Surveys: How We Did Ours

It seems that every marketing agency and business creates their own market survey. However, one of the biggest challenges is actually getting survey respondents. As Demo Duck and Video Brewery contemplated our own year-end survey, we wanted to make sure that we’d get valuable data. Given that everyone enjoys video content, we hit on the …

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15 Video Tools Every Marketer Needs

If you’re a video production rookie, video marketing may seem like a different world. Video marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing campaigns these days. The difficulty is, a lot of people don’t know where to start. What’s the right camera? Am I using the right software? How do I know this video is …


Everything you need to know about 2D Animation

Video marketing has exploded in recent years, becoming a key aspect of any successful marketing plan. Marketers have truly jumped on the video bandwagon. Maybe that’s because consumers are 4 times more interested in watching videos about a product than reading an explanation of it. Or a majority of marketers (51.9% to be precise) list …