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Facebook Video Marketing
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Searching for the Perfect Facebook Video Marketing Strategy?

Video lives everywhere now, not just on your website, and not just where you can control how it’s watched. No single approach works for every distribution platform. Social networks in particular don’t just have varying format requirements, but their users will approach your video with different postures. People use different social media platforms for different …


International Video Marketing: More than Just Translation

The DATA More and more companies realize the benefits of international video marketing and how powerful the medium is for promoting a business and bringing in new leads. The statistics on this speak for themselves: As Forbes reports, including video in marketing materials can “boost click-through rates” by two to three times. Furthermore, the figures …

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15 Video Tools Every Marketer Needs

If you’re a video production rookie, video marketing may seem like a different world. Video marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing campaigns these days. The difficulty is, a lot of people don’t know where to start. What’s the right camera? Am I using the right software? How do I know this video is …