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5 Things the Best Corporate Videos Have in Common

The digital age has ushered in a new era of corporate video production. The days of the cheesy infomercial are dead. Nowadays, your customers need to see witty, engaging videos that grasp their attention. They also need to effectively get to the point before they’ve moved on — easier said than done.

While there’s no exact formula for success, these 5 rules (perfectly outlined by the winners of our unofficial corporate video awards) are something that successful videos share.

1. They’re short and sweet

Having quick and easy access to the internet has had one enormous repercussion, shorter attention spans. The fact is, the people you’re advertising to in modern times will only briefly give you their attention. In the black hole of (mostly) free content that is the internet, video advertisements are often a roadblock to desired content.

So how can you avoid being that roadblock? The first step is to have a concise script. For every second you waste elegantly wording a sentence, you’re losing more customers who just want their content. According to The Next Web, only 30% of users don’t skip YouTube pre-roll ads. Check out the concise script that GroupOn created for their video. They don’t waste any time getting to their main selling point, huge discounts!

2. They use humor as a hookAnother effective tactic employed by the best corporate videos is the use of humor. Humor plays two important roles in video advertising: it gives the viewer quality content which they actually enjoy and avoids positioning your company as a “salesman.”

Consumers generally don’t like obvious ploys at marketing or selling a product. Simply telling them what the product is and saying “buy this” leaves them with some distaste. Instead, you should aim to achieve the same goals through quality content that connects with consumers, which is accomplished with some well-written humor (like in the pun-filled Dollar Shave Club video).

3. They focus on pain points

Generally, people choose to buy a product or service for one overarching reason: they’re currently having a problem that the product seeks to solve. One of the most obvious uses of this advertising tactic is with medicine. If you have a cold, NyQuil has a product to relieve your symptoms and help you sleep. Or, in the case of the corporate video example above, PadMapper makes it easier to find a new rental apartment.

This works so well because instead of using a gimmick, the ad is simply engaging the user through discussing the problem and highlighting how the product can help. This positions your ad as informative and helpful, rather than a sales ploy designed to trick the consumer.

4. They build up to and use a good CTA

Once you have people engaged with your video, it’s important to close with a simple, effective call-to-action (CTA). A good CTA is concise and lets the consumer know what they can do to immediately take advantage of the information they’ve just received.

Just as important as the final call-to-action is the build-up. You don’t want your video viewers to drop before you deliver the call to action. As Wistia wrote about, be careful with any messaging cues in your script. Phrases like, “there you have it” signal that you’ve delivered your message (duh) and the natural thing for your viewer to do is click away. Avoid phrasing like this before your CTA at all costs.

5. They don’t skip steps

Many ad creators focus on one or a few parts of the ad as a whole and, use shortcuts on the parts they don’t care about. The truth is, there is no one part of a video that trumps the others for importance. Effective corporate videos combine a well-written script with the correct visual and audio elements to give the video a complete feeling.

As tempted as you may be to focus heavily on one area of your video, it’s crucial to give every aspect enough attention. That way you’re not producing a video with an excellent script but terrible sound or animation. Not only will this decrease the quality of your content, it will also make your brand look less professional in the eyes of consumers.

Keep these 5 corporate video tips in mind when you start your next video project.

However, if there’s one factor that will always remain a constant in video, it’s that there is no cut-and-dried formula for success. Combine these five common denominators with what makes your business shine and you’ll be well on your way to a successful video.

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