Basics of Video Marketing and Creation of Videos

Basics of Video Marketing and Creation of Videos In the process of lead generation and sales, we are engaged in conveying information to our potential clients. Generally speaking, we can single out the following information mediums: · Texts (emails, articles, etc.)· Texts and visualization (infographics, presentations, websites)· Videos· Verbal communication Depending on many factors that …


Featured Video Animation: PoolSpark

The POOLSPARK Video Animation Journey WITH Video Brewery Meet Deneke O’Reilly. Deneke is a Partner at PoolSpark. PoolSpark is a simple and fun money pooling service for friends that brings the world’s oldest savings mechanism to life online. It goes by many names — susu, panda, cundina, committee, stokvel and more — but it’s ultimately …


How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

The number one question we hear from people is “how much does an explainer video cost?” Which makes total sense! Corporate video (tv ads and video presentations) was out of reach for small and medium sized businesses until recently. Since 2006, two developments occurred to make video marketing viable for even the most budget-constrained company. …

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