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5 Tips to a Successful Crowdfunding Video

The following post was shot on location at Ale Syndicate in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Ale Syndicate is celebrating their 1st Year in the brewery and we’re thrilled that we could give you a peek into their production facility. Kickstarter launched in 2009, revolutionizing the way creative projects (movies, performances, products, etc.) access the funds …


Picking the Perfect Length for Your Video

Over the years we’ve written extensively on video length, and usually suggest keeping video content as short as possible, even suggesting 60 seconds as the ideal duration for a web video. And we’re not alone. Our friends over at Wistia have done on-going studies related to video length and consistently find that short videos perform …

What Could You Do With $16,932

Explainer videos have been emerging as a hot new way to reach out to people. Many startup owners and C-level executives believe in the value of video. Explainer videos explain products to viewers. This is an important concept and one easy to overlook. You see, an explainer doesn’t try to directly sell to the customer. …