7 Great Video Ideas for Your Business

When it comes to producing content in general, and especially videos, the first question businesses often run into is what they should create a video about. Fortunately, there are lots of great ideas almost anyone can tap into when creating their business video production strategy. Here are just a few of the many ideas out there – use them to spark some creativity of your own!

How To Video

How to videos are applicable to almost any business – just think about your target audience and what they would be interesting in learning about. Then film a video about it! If you sell products, you could create an explainer video that shows how to get the best results from using your product. If you sell services, you could create how-to videos showing how to perform very basic elements of that service – those who need something more advanced would know who to contact because you have demonstrated your expertise. A great example of this is Samsung Support’s video on changing a lightbulb in a DLP TV.

Not only could it lead people to buying one of your products, but in this case, it could also reduce the time customers have to spend on support calls.

Video Interviews

People love interviews. Almost every industry has some celebrities – while they may not be actual rockstars, they may be well-known and respected authorities. If you can score a video interview with these industry experts, then you will create video content that your target audience will be excited to learn from. In the online marketing world, some great ways of capturing video interviews include Skype recordings and catching up with someone at a conference for just a few minutes with a digital camcorder. A great example of this is Blogcast FM. Their site focuses on creating great interviews on blogging and online marketing. In this video, they caught up with industry expert Chris Brogan at BlogWorld to talk about Google+.

Impromptu interviews like this one might be much easier to capture than trying to schedule with someone who is profoundly busy.

Demo Videos

Any business that creates software, online tools, or applications can create demo videos about their product. This helps gives your potential buyers a feel for how easy your product is to use and might help convince them to buy more than any copy on your website. Just be sure that your demo does make your product look simple while showing a potential buyer what types of results they should expect! A great example of this is Viper car alarms demonstrating how easy it is to use the SmartStart product to connect your smartphone to your car.


If your business hosts any webinars or webcasts, whether they are general education about your industry or in-depth demonstrations of your product, be sure to record them. Webinars make for great educational video content. Depending on the length, you can split the webinar up into several videos for YouTube (up to 15 minutes each) or use networks like Vimeo that allow you to upload videos of any length with limitations only on file size. A great example of this is Peachtree’s tutorial on business intelligence. When someone searches for business intelligence tutorial, this video comes up on the first page of results.

Live Q&A

Audiences that are socially savvy might enjoy more interactive video experiences. Social networks like Google+ now allow you to create live hangouts where you can capture yourself on webcam along with nine other participants to have a live video chat. You can record these live webcam meetings and upload them to YouTube for the rest of your audience to enjoy. What does a live recording look like when there is more than one participant on webcam? A great example is photographer Trey Ratcliff’s Variety Hour where he discusses the latest camera equipment and technology – usually for more than an hour!

Testimonial Video

Encourage your brand advocates (people who love your business) to create video testimonials about your brand, products, or services. For businesses that have a physical location, you can shoot testimonial video at your office, storefront, restaurant, or other establishment. For those that don’t, you can just encourage people to send in their videos or post them to their own YouTube accounts. They don’t have to be elaborate – even just a minute or two explaining why they love your brand, how they use your products, or the results they have seen from your services will suffice. Videos make powerful testimonials as viewers will be able to see someone like themselves in those speaking about your brand. A great example of this is a simple testimonial recorded at Joy Acupuncture Health Center. This local business does a great job of getting customers to participate in a quick video about their acupuncture experience and results.

Video Reviews

Want to go beyond just simple testimonial videos? If you are confident in your products, you can ask video bloggers to review it. Generally they will do so by posting the videos on their own video sharing accounts, but you can easily capitalize on them by sharing them with your audience through embedding them on your website, linking to them on your Facebook page, or adding them to your favorites on YouTube. When you add videos as favorites on YouTube, just be sure to put a playlist of your favorites on your YouTube channel so that your subscribers can find them easily. A great example of this is CNET TV. Their YouTube channel is full of product reviews, like this one on the Pantech Hotshot smartphone.

These are only just a few different ideas for developing your business video production strategy. Be sure to get creative with them too – the more interesting your videos are, the more likely they are to be shared by others with the potential of achieving viral fame! Do you have any of your own video content ideas we should mention? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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