5 Reasons to Use Video Brewery

When you’re looking to create an explainer video, odds are you’re not planning on doing everything yourself. You’d probably also rather not spend weeks finding, comparing, and selecting a company to work with, time you could have spent working on the video. We get it, and if you’re still in the search for a producer, here are 5 reasons you should use Video Brewery.


Hundreds of Styles

The creatives in Video Brewery’s community aren’t just producers, they’re creatives. Each has their own style and knows how to make it work. Whether you’re looking for cute or corporate, stop motion or slow motion, screen capture or live action, there are great creatives who can bring your project to life. But don’t worry, the project is a collaboration, so you’ll be front and center for direction. You’ll have a stylish video that’s perfect for your brand and message.


Premium Quality

Not just anyone can be a creative on Video Brewery, in fact, we only accept a handful of the hundreds of creatives that apply each year. Every creative has to apply and be accepted through our vetting process to be sure they’re a good fit for the community. We want to make sure that we have talented creatives that know video for business, and how to work with clients.


Fits Any Budget

Whether you’re a self funded founder or a Fortune 500 executive, there are creatives who can work with your budget. When you post a project on Video Brewery, you let the creatives know where you’re at and they’ll let you know what you they can do. Once you have your proposals, pick the one that fits both your budget and style preference. From there, your budget is locked in so there won’t be any costly surprises down the line.


Simple Process

Once you start the project, we’ll help it run smoothly. You can manage the whole thing with our online platform in a step-by-step process, using project management tools that we built based on explainer video production best practices. Who are we to have developed these? Well, we’re project managers and creative directors who’ve worked on hundreds of successful projects (and a few not so successful ones – but we learned lessons there too) to figure out the more effective and efficient approach.


Safe and Secure

When you use Video Brewery, you’ll get access to great creatives and a nifty system, while we take care of the less fun parts of video production like payments and legal agreements. We’ll handle paying the creative and have a video production specific services agreement designed to keep both you and our creatives safe. And if you ever have questions, a Brewmaster is here to help. Reach out through the live chat, an email, or just give me a call and I’ll answer questions and give suggestions to help you out.

So go ahead, post your project today and see what our creatives come up with. If you have any questions, take advantage of reason number 5 and shoot me a message, I’ll be happy to help.

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