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4 Tips for Maximizing Video Engagement

Creating videos has never been cheaper and easier than it is today, which is why the sheer volume of content out there is staggering. So how can you ensure that your video viewership is higher than the competition’s? By following these four simple tips for maximizing video engagement:

1. The Shorter, the Better

Studies have shown that the average video viewership drops off at around 60 seconds, so it’s best to keep yours as short as possible. The majority of viewers will sit through a 30-45 second video; but once you hit that one minute mark, their attention will wander and you’ll lose your audience with each passing second.

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Additionally, if the viewer knows that the video is long, their attention will also drop off earlier. However, people who know that the video is short will stick with it and watch the whole thing. Even if the long and short versions have exactly the same content in the beginning, video engagement will be much higher with the short video.

2. Say the Important Stuff in the Beginning

Since your video has to be short, you need to make your point quickly and at the very beginning. As mentioned above, video engagement decreases the longer your video runs; so if you don’t put your message within the first 30 seconds, you run the risk of your audience missing the goal of the video completely. It may go against your instincts as far as narrative is concerned, but the only way to ensure that people hear what you have is to say it early on before their attention wanes.

3. Keep it Specific and Personal

You know what makes for an uninteresting video? Vague, impersonal content. You only have 60 seconds to get viewers hooked, so every second needs to be chock-full of details and specific information. Not only that, but your video has to resonate with the audience. Good content is what increases video viewership, so make sure you say something relevant, interesting, and highly targeted. A good rule of thumb is to speak in a conversational tone, and address your viewers using personal pronouns like “you” and “your”.

4. Put it in Context

This is probably the one thing that most people forget when placing a video on their website. In order for your video optimization to succeed, you have to do more than just upload it to your site. The visible thumbnail, the description, and the placement of the video on the page all contribute to its context; and if you aren’t paying attention to that, then all your video optimization efforts up to this point are wasted. Carefully consider the context surrounding your video so as to guarantee that your visitors will see it, be interested in it, and click “Play.”

The quantity of video online continues to rise now that businesses have the ability to create video content quickly, easily, and affordably. However, in the video world, quality trumps quantity. The next time you create and launch an online video, make sure to keep it short and personal, get to the point quickly, and pay attention to context. Your viewership and engagement levels are sure to increase because of it.

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*A big thanks to KISSmetrics and Wistia for the research and data!

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