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15 Video Tools Every Marketer Needs

If you’re a video production rookie, video marketing may seem like a different world.

Video marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing campaigns these days. The difficulty is, a lot of people don’t know where to start.

  • What’s the right camera?
  • Am I using the right software?
  • How do I know this video is producing results?

There’s a limitless world of video tools out there designed to help marketers.

Some may be as simple as a pile of books and others are as complex as data tracking tools. With the help of some digital marketing pros, I’ve put together a list of the essential tools for your video marketing campaign.

Before I start, here’s a freebie. You’ve already got most of the tech you need, built into your laptop and phone (no purchase necessary). So start using them

1 & 2. Books (they’re not just for reading) and a window for using your laptop’s camera

This may seem a little mundane but this tool is vital. There will be plenty of times when you need to film a quick video on your laptop. When you do this, the camera should always be at or above your eye level. This guarantees that you don’t have the camera pointing up your nose. (No one wants to see your boogers!!!).

Here’s what your angle shouldn’t look like.

Not an attractive video angle for anyone.
Not an attractive angle for anyone.

A much better angle can be easily achieved by placing your laptop on a stack of books. Do a few test runs to make sure that the angle looks okay.

Video tools are sometimes as simple as a pile of books.
Video tools are sometimes as simple as a pile of books.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is lighting. Try to have natural light coming into your shot. Natural light is a fantastic D-I-Y light source. Take advantage of this, by sitting in a room facing a window when you’re on camera.

3. External microphone

An often overlooked aspect of video is the audio quality. Your computer doesn’t have the best microphone built-in. It may be smart to invest in an external microphone to get better sound.

An intermediate step is to use a headset when recording your video. This could be as easy as using those trusty Apple earbuds. To take sound quality to the next level, check out Tami’s suggestion.

Relying on the built-in mic in your phone or camera usually results in hollow, echoey audio. You can purchase a decent lavalier mic (the kind that clips onto your lapel) for under $100 on Amazon. It’s a small investment that makes the difference between an amateur video and a professional-sounding one.
-Tami Brehse, Reboot Marketing

4. Tripod adapter for smartphone

If you’re planning on filming with your iPhone, a tripod adapter is a necessity. A shaky video screams unprofessionalism. Invest that extra ten dollars into tripod adapter for smartphone. I promise, your shaky hands will thank you.

5 & 6. Apps for filming on phones

Who says you need a $2,000 camera to film a quality video? Your smartphone will do fine. Here are a few apps to bring that video quality up to Speilberg’s level.

The Adobe Premiere app on iOS and Android is actually amazing and in my opinion on Android, it’s the best around. I use this great app regularly for editing social media videos, it is very useful for adding music and watermarks easily.
-Teresa Walsh,

FiLMiC Pro helps me to capture high-quality video and gives me the functionality of a DSLR on my iPhone. With this app, I can control resolution, aspect ratio, audio, frame rate, image quality, lighting, and coloring. Video used in marketing today is becoming more raw and happens in real time. FiLMiC Pro helps me to quickly capture professional footage and upload from my iPhone directly to social media platforms with ease.
-Sterling Wahl, MWI

Here’s a video filmed with FiLMiC Pro

7. Nutshell

Sometimes you might want a fun alternative to a regular video. Nutshell does exactly that. It’s a unique app that allows you to create fun short video content, using 3 images. Standout with a different and creative way to boost your social media presence if you’re in the B2C space.

Nutshell allows you to create mini-movies in (literally) seconds. The thing I love about Nutshell is that it will create an audio track for you using the sounds
captured when your photos were taken.

-Rachel Downey, Thirty Five

Take a look at this video made with Nutshell

8. D-I-Y Template based video maker

A template based video maker is best for less experienced video makers. Programs like these offer the user a lot of guidance. Often times you to choose a simple template and then all that’s left is to add in your photos and videos.
A great template based video maker is They provide the means for you to create a professional video in a matter of minutes. It’s as simple as selecting the video clips, text, or photos you want to use and inserting them into the template.

Template based video programs do have a few setbacks though. There is a lot less creative freedom when using a template. That is why programs like these are best for beginners.

Check out this video we put together with Shakr.

9 & 10. D-I-Y Screencast based video editor

Software and web-based business all know the struggle of explanation. Trying to explain where to click on a page or how to use a feature with a customer can be a tricky task. The struggle is a little bit easier these days with a couple Chrome plug-ins.

Soapbox from Wistia
Soapbox is a new video tool from Wistia that is making it easier for businesses to create videos. Their ultimate goal is to “remove the barriers that prevent businesses from using video”.

Soapbox is a simple extension that allows you to maneuver between screencast and a video. You also have the option to transition between split-screen and full-screen layouts. If you’re looking for a quick way to do a how-to video, Soapbox is the tool for you.

Soapbox isn’t your thing? Check out Loom. It’s a simpler format with fewer options for your video. Loom is still a great way to communicate with customers and solve their problems easily.

11. Free Editing Software

If you’re looking for a quick free video editing tool, you don’t have to look very far. Most people are familiar with Youtube’s capabilities. People often forget about Youtube’s editing capabilities. Youtube editor allows you to combine videos, add music, and customize your video.

Youtube editor – sounds obvious but overlooked!: YouTube editor is so useful – it’s where you search for your videos [in the video manager, labeled create], so make sure you use it! YouTube editor is FREE and you can make all edits before posting. Make sure you use YouTube to its full SEO potential or you’ll have trouble getting views – add a transcript to include those essential keywords (but don’t spam!) and make sure you add tags!
-Laura Hall, Shiply

12. Paid Editing Software

Does your video call for a bit more complexity? A lot of times complexity comes with a cost. But don’t go off and buy the most expensive piece of software. Camtasia is a great easy software that requires no previous editing experience. A single user license for this video editing tool is $199.

One thing we use at Famly that has been a game changer for us is Camtasia from TechSmith. We’re a very small team, a head of marketing, a couple of part-timers and myself on the content marketing. So when we wanted to get some great visual content up we needed something that had a super sharp learning curve and did everything we needed. For me, the biggest advantage is how easy the editor is. We can drag and drop, and animate the visuals so they look super slick.
-Matt Arnerich, Famly

Camtasia allows you to easily customize screen recordings for the right dimensions, quickly record, edit and export on a whim. It’s also incredibly easy to use, and I’ve quickly trained 10
individuals with no video experience whatsoever.

– Ben Rifken, ReviewTrackers

13 – 15. Data Tracking Tools

Once your video is out there, it’s important to track the return on investment (ROI) for your efforts. Instead of using YouTube for free video hosting, consider a paid hosting service. These can often help you track efforts more effectively.

Companies like Vidyard, VidIQ, and Wistia are there to make sure you know how effective your video is. This can range from tracking how many views your video is getting to when people are clicking out of your video.

Instead of simply reporting the number of views, Vidyard lets you see who watched the video, what parts of the video they watched and even how many times they watched it. This not only helps marketers understand what content is already working with their audience, but it provides them the analytics they need to further expand or refine the message to capture a broader segment of that audience.
-Brianna Valleskey, BraveInk

vidIQ Vision is one video tool every digital marketer should have. It allows you to see a variety of different statistics that help you understand why a video is as successful as it is. It is perfect for comparing your competitor’s videos and see where you need to increase your efforts.
-Dustin Montgomery, Shippers Supplies

Wistia has tools that help marketers throughout their sales funnel. On a broad sense, they offer marketers all the data you need to understand how many people are viewing your video, what parts are compelling, and where people lost interest. Wistia’s Turnstile tool allows you to capture emails from people watching your content. It also integrates with many popular CRM’s (customer relationship manager), allowing your Sales team to track which videos your prospects are watching.
-Heather Clark, Video Brewery


From free to paid, there’s a video tool out there to help every digital marketer. It’s time to add video to your marketing toolbox and start winning more customers. This tactic will produce a solid ROI for your current business. And make you an even better marketer.

If you think I’ve left one out or have anything to contribute, give us a comment below.

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