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11 Video Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Using

Are you currently fleshing out your annual video marketing strategies plans? Yup, same here.

I assume that your over-riding goal is to build revenue, right? For Video Brewery, I’m trying to figure out what elements of our existing campaigns really contribute to revenue and identify ways to increase conversion opportunities on those.

We’re a video marketing company, so I’m also looking at some areas where we should practice what we preach. Take a deeper dive with me into Video Brewery’s plans and see if some of these might apply to your video marketing strategies goals.

Email Marketing Tricks

Email marketing has retained its status as a major workhorse in the modern marketer’s toolbox. Why wouldn’t it? Email marketing is an element that is easy to measure the effectiveness of. Your campaign produces a lot of easy to collect metrics, everything from the open rate, the click rate, and finally following the customer through to the end purchase.

In prior blog posts we’ve discussed video’s impact on open and click thru rates. Here are a few more ideas for including video in email, beyond your initial company introduction.

Idea # 1: Video Voicemails

If you’ve ever sent an email where the subject line was, “I just left you a voicemail,” this one’s for you.

Instead of just sending a text email, you should record a video voicemail! When your email arrives, instead of the typical boring subject line, you can use, “John, open up for your video voicemail.”

There aren’t many examples of this available on YouTube or Vimeo, but the above video gives you an idea as to what it should look like. One thing this video doesn’t do is close with a call-to-action. We recommend including a link to your calendar to book a time for a call back to your prospect. That way, the next time you try to connect over the phone, your prospect is receiving a call they’ve asked for.

Idea #2: Introduce Team Members/ Company Mascot/ Office Dog

In today’s world of freelancers, remote workers, and cloud-based software, it’s easy to forget that your customers actually want to work with people. So, whether you have a team member in project management, sales, customer service, or just want to share a funny video of the office dog, take the time to humanize your brand by introducing them to your customer using video.

Your customers will feel more engaged with your company, and your emails won’t read as simply transactional.

Idea #3: Holiday Video Cards

What company doesn’t send an end of the year holiday (insert Thanksgiving, Festivus, Kwanza, etc.) email? I’m drafting Video Brewery’s currently! It’s traditionally used as an opportunity to thank customers and supporters. But, how often do the recipients open it?

The dirty secret is that these holiday missives tend to be part of a marketer’s checklist, with a lower than normal open and engagement rate. They rarely offer something of value to the audience they’re trying to reach and instead are thinly disguised promos.

So this year (or next year at this point), I challenge you to create a video. Do something funny, inspiring, or weird. Make a video that brings a smile to your customers face, as opposed to just reminding them you exist.

Increase Customer Engagement and Product Use

Beyond getting people to open your emails more often, where else can you use video? The easy answer is incorporate it in any opportunity that you get to interact with your customers. Here are 3 solid examples of this mantra.

Idea #4: “Getting Started” videos

There are a number of products that are pretty self-explanatory, like new software, phones, and coffee makers…

Wait, that’s not right. Those can all actually be a little tricky to get setup and working quickly.

Instead of waiting for your customer to get frustrated and contact your customer service team (or worse, abandon setting up your product), create a quick, getting started video. In 2 minutes or less, show them how to complete the initial setup and access the main features of your product. If you have a particularly complex service, use the initial video to introduce them to a learning library of short videos on different features.

This strategy might not immediately increase your revenue, but as Wistia detailed in this post it has a long-term effect on customer retention.

Idea #5: Customer Support videos

If you have a customer support team, I bet they can tell you the top 4 questions asked by customers. Instead of fielding the same request endlessly, use video to answer those questions in a minute or less. Just make sure those videos are easy to find on your support page.

This strategy will increase revenue and potentially decrease expenses by reducing product returns and your customer service team’s call volume. That’s what we call a win-win.

Special note to anyone offering free trials! These two strategies should pay off right away for you. How often do you have people begin a free trial who never actually take advantage of it, and then never sign-up for a paid subscription? Help them get started quickly and have them fall in love with your product before the free trial ends.

Idea #6: Product Updates

If you’re offering any update to your software, app, or device, record a quick video to share those update with your users. They’ll adopt the new features quicker than they would if you just used boring text-based communication. And, if you inject a little humor or spirit into them, you have another chance to connect your customers to the human side of your company.

Events that Work

Are you offering events as a way to gather leads? Yeah, Video Brewery is too. Events can be a great way to introduce your brand to potential customers. They also help you position your company as a thought-leader within your industry.

Unfortunately, they can also fall flat on their face. It can be tricky to compete with all of the other in-person and internet based events that are offered. Since this blog is about video marketing strategies, it really shouldn’t surprise you that we’ve got a couple of video-based strategies to share.

Idea #7: Event Preview Videos

The first challenge of making your events add value to your marketing goals is to actually get leads to your event.

You probably already know that. I’m guessing that you’re going to promote your event on your social media channels, through emails, on your website, and possibly through some advertising. Guess what video does on all of those platforms?

You guessed it! Video has been proven to increase engagement, retention, and conversions!

So the next time you’re gearing up for an in-person event, create a 30-second event preview.

Don’t have footage from prior events? That’s ok! For a 30-second video, you can use still photos, stock footage, and animations to achieve the same results. Then, be sure to record some footage at each new event so you can create an engaging sizzle reel to use whenever you have a new event coming up.

Idea #8: Livestream Instead of Webinars

Can we all agree that webinars can be super boring? It’s hard for presenters to engage with participants when they’re basically a radio DJ delivering a monolog while they’re sitting alone in a room. It’s also hard for participants to engage when they’re expected to sit there and try to interact with a slide deck and chat window.

Let’s make it a little easier for everyone! Live video streaming technology is a great tool to incorporate into your video marketing strategies. It is financially accessible and you already have the video capturing technology built into your smartphone. Your presenter can use body language to communicate and emphasize elements of their presentation and your viewers will have a much easier time engaging with and retaining the presentation.

This technology is evolving, here’s a how-to guide to make it a little easier!

One-Off Ideas

The last 3 ideas don’t necessarily fit together or with the categories above, so here they are in random order.

Idea #9: Recruiting Videos

Attracting qualified talent to your company impacts your bottom line. Recruiting videos help you give potential hires an inside look into your company and what makes it great to work for. That, in turn, leads to more and better applicants for your open position.

Not convinced? Check out the 12 best recruiting videos here.

Idea #10: Make Testimonials Shine

We’ve all heard that the testimonials page on a website is dead, right? It’s the last page that any visitor actually will click on!

The trend within the website design industry has been to incorporate customer testimonials within the existing pages of your website. The most effective testimonials have been found to include a picture of the customer, their full name, and (if it’s a B2B product) their title and company. I bet you can guess what’s even more effective…

Video testimonials! Keep customer testimonial videos short, sweet, and to the point. Also, host your video on a platform that won’t overlay it with ads or divert viewers away from your website.

Idea #11 Micro-Moments in Search

I predict that you’re going to hear a lot more about micro-moments in the next year. As more and more real-time search moves to mobile, savvy marketers have started to identify “micro-moments” for brands to capitalize on.

This is best explained using an example of a brand that’s using this to their advantage.
Everyone’s familiar with Lowes, right? A lot of their website traffic is generated through searching for a specific product or from direct visitors. Great! How do you grow that traffic, though?

Well, Lowes’ marketing team thought about who their customers are and realized that a lot of their customers eventually make their way to Lowes because they’re doing a DIY project at home. And generally, those customers are doing some sort of “How to ____” search before they even start thinking about purchasing project materials.

Once they realized this, Lowes amped up their video marketing strategies and started producing how-to videos to answer their customers queries. Like this one, titled “How to Build a Firepit.”

The call-to-action at the end of this video is the most important part, it drives you directly to Lowes’ website with a clear outline of materials needed (available for purchase on their website) and step-by-step directions.

If you are competing with a lot of how-to videos that already exist, you may want to dedicate part of your advertising campaign to the specific search phrase, “How to Build a Firepit” in this case, so that your video is one of the first ones that searchers view.


It’s time to take your video marketing strategies to the next level. Video Brewery will be doing the same, incorporating all of these techniques to engage more effectively with existing customers and new customers.

Are there video marketing strategies that should have made the list? Share them with us in the comments!

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