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Basics of Video Marketing and Creation of Videos

Basics of Video Marketing and Creation of Videos In the process of lead generation and sales, we are engaged in conveying information to our potential clients. Generally speaking, we can single out the following information mediums: · Texts (emails, articles, etc.)· Texts and visualization (infographics, presentations, websites)· Videos· Verbal communication Depending on many factors that …

Keeping Up With Trends In Digital Video Marketing

WITH TRENDS LIKE THESE Looking backward, it’s easy to identify trends in digital video marketing. From the long-ago time of 2010’s irreverent stick figures, up to today’s glut of slick motion graphics videos with 3D animation, video styles change and evolve en masse, like fashion. It’s easy to identify one of the forces that is …


Why Features & Benefits are Killing Your Video Vibe

The Drawbacks of Features and Benefits Say you find yourself on an elevator with a very influential person, someone who would change your life if you had them on your side. Realistically, you have about a minute to win them over, to make them remember you enough to hire you, or become a client, or …

Facebook Video Marketing
Marketing, Strategy

Searching for the Perfect Facebook Video Marketing Strategy?

Video lives everywhere now, not just on your website, and not just where you can control how it’s watched. No single approach works for every distribution platform. Social networks in particular don’t just have varying format requirements, but their users will approach your video with different postures. People use different social media platforms for different …