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Video Brewery Creative Brief
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A Brief Case for the Creative Brief

the Creative Brief When does the video production process actually begin? It’s not the kickoff meeting with whoever is producing the video. It’s not finally securing the budget for your video, even though that’s hard work. The process begins well before you even decide that a video will be right for your brand. But there’s …


Featured Video Animation: PoolSpark

The POOLSPARK Video Animation Journey WITH Video Brewery Meet Deneke O’Reilly. Deneke is a Partner at PoolSpark. PoolSpark is a simple and fun money pooling service for friends that brings the world’s oldest savings mechanism to life online. It goes by many names — susu, panda, cundina, committee, stokvel and more — but it’s ultimately …


Featured Video Post: Reflik

Introduction We enjoy seeing all of the fabulous videos created on Video Brewery and celebrating the creative businesses we get to work with. Check out this video Jeremy and his team created for Reflik, a talent acquisition solution. This streamlined, 2D animation uses clean language, well-timed sound cues, and social proof to explain to companies …


International Video Marketing: It’s More than Just Translation

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of video marketing and learning how powerful the medium is for promoting a business and bringing in new leads. The statistics on this speak for themselves: As reported in Forbes, including video in marketing materials can “boost click-through rates” by two to three times. Furthermore, the figures …


Why Your Video Analytics Matter

There’s no doubt about it – video is a great medium for startups. As a vehicle for emotive storytelling and a sales channel that allows you to bring customers on a journey with you — you can’t do any better than video. Startups live and die by what their audience wants, and 43% of people …