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Facebook Video Marketing
Marketing, Strategy

Searching for the Perfect Facebook Video Marketing Strategy?

Video lives everywhere now, not just on your website, and not just where you can control how it’s watched. No single approach works for every distribution platform. Social networks in particular don’t just have varying format requirements, but their users will approach your video with different postures. People use different social media platforms for different …

how to find a video production partner
Production, Strategy

Finding a Video Production Partner

It’s A Creative Endeavor The best athletes will tell you that peak performance begins in the mind, where they visualize what success looks like before they move a muscle. This isn’t just true for athletics. It’s true in business, and in art, and in digital video marketing… where business and art intersect. In fact, finding …

Video Brewery Creative Brief
Production, Strategy

A Brief Case for the Creative Brief

the Creative Brief When does the video production process actually begin? It’s not the kickoff meeting with whoever is producing the video. It’s not finally securing the budget for your video, even though that’s hard work. The process begins well before you even decide that a video will be right for your brand. But there’s …