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Featured Video: Because Animals

Introduction We enjoy sharing all of the wonderful videos our creatives make and promoting our client’s business. Check out this video Charlotte recently created for Because Animals. The unique style and method of storytelling immediately stood out to us. Be sure to check out the complete video at the end of the post. Congratulations! Client …

Marketing, Production

15 Video Tools Every Marketer Needs

If you’re a video production rookie, video marketing may seem like a different world. Video marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing campaigns these days. The difficulty is, a lot of people don’t know where to start. What’s the right camera? Am I using the right software? How do I know this video is …


10 Best Healthcare Videos

In our day and age, almost any industry uses video marketing. The healthcare industry is no exception. Video marketing is a new way for businesses throughout healthcare to simplify communication. And convey complex information in a way that is more memorable and impactful. According to Google Think, 1 in 8 patients have watched online video on …

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How to Use Video Marketing to Delight Your Customers

Lifecycle marketing is a three-step process: attract, sell and wow. A lot of video marketing is focused on the attracting and selling parts of lifecycle marketing. But, video can aid every part of your marketing campaign. Every savvy marketer knows that retaining existing satisfied customers is far more cost effective than constantly chasing new ones …