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Why Your Video Analytics Matter

There’s no doubt about it – video is a great medium for startups. As a vehicle for emotive storytelling and a sales channel that allows you to bring customers on a journey with you — you can’t do any better than video. Startups live and die by what their audience wants, and 43% of people …


Video Surveys: How We Did Ours

It seems that every marketing agency and business creates their own market survey. However, one of the biggest challenges is actually getting survey respondents. As Demo Duck and Video Brewery contemplated our own year-end survey, we wanted to make sure that we’d get valuable data. Given that everyone enjoys video content, we hit on the …


Video Marketing Survey

Can you help us? Business owners and marketers of the world, we need your assistance! Please help us learn more about video marketing in the realistic world by participating in this interactive video survey. The survey results and tips for making your own survey will be shared in a follow-up post. Thanks!