Creative Spotlight on Stew Redwine

24 Mar 2015
Colin Hogan

Here at Video Brewery, there are lots of great creatives. Every so often we like to have folks get to know them a bit better, and today we’re talking to Stew Redwine as part of our Creative Spotlight series.

Explainer Videos That Remind Us of Famous Directors

09 Mar 2015
Colin Hogan

There are so many great startup videos being made these days. We put together a list of some of the great ones that have elements that remind us of some famous big-name directors.

3 New Superb Stock Video Sites

23 Feb 2015
Colin Hogan

There are countless instances where stock is going to be absolutely needed and we’ve highlighted some of them in the past. But times have changes, so we’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the best new stock video websites in the game.

5 Industries That Could (and Should) Use Video

09 Feb 2015

These established, recognizable sectors whose services and importance may be easier to grasp, have still decided to grasp the wisdom of using video to better connect with their audiences. Let’s explore some of the ways that these industries can and do market with video.

Why Is Video So Darn Expensive?

26 Jan 2015
Stephan Vandenbroucke

One of the questions I hear most often from would-be customers is “How much does a video cost?”. The response is usually “Why is video so darn expensive?” Good question! The answer comes in four parts

The 10 Best Startup Marketing Videos of 2014

12 Jan 2015
Colin Hogan

2014 was a great year for business video. We collected some of our favorite videos from the lot and put together the ten best business videos of the past year.

The 12 Best Recruiting Videos Ever

15 Dec 2014
Colin Hogan

We’ve decided to track down the twelve best recruiting videos that have ever been created. After checking out these videos you may even get the urge to start polishing your resume.

6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Next Video

03 Nov 2014
Andrew Follett

Before you race out and make your next video, take a minute to define the scope of your project first - it can save you time and money down the road, and help ensure a video you can be proud of when you reach the finish line.